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Passionate in the aesthetic field for more than 30 years, Gracia Jacquelin, a regional renowned esthetician, guaranties high quality care offered by qualified professionals.


You would like to receive all your services in beauty care at a single place? No need to search anymore! Indeed, the Clinic offers a wide range of care that will satisfy all your current and future needs!


The Gracia Jacquelin difference

You want to obtain the results you have been wishing for? Here, at the Laser and Aesthetic Clinic Gracia Jacquelin, our experimented estheticians will be glad to enhance your natural charm with high quality products and proven technologies.

Get yourself skincare products!

The 30 year experience of the esthetician and owner of the Clinic, Mrs. Gracia Jacquelin, allowed her to gain the necessary knowledge to only offer healthy and effective lines of products for your body.

Why you should come and see us?

To be able to reduce the amount of makeup used on a daily basis.

Great concern for cleanliness (sterilized tools for pedicure)

Professional beauty care in a relaxing atmosphere

Durable result using high quality products

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